May is here, and so is our favorite TV series! In honor of Game of Thrones coming back, we started wondering what dogs were the best representation of our favorite characters. Below is what we decided fits best, let us know what you think! No spoilers here!


Jon Snow

As loyal and stalwart as they come, Jon Snow is almost universally regarded as the most popular and honorable character on the show. The Labrador has been named the most pup-ular (heh) dog in America for 27 years straight, and their loyalty to their owners is unwavering.

Dog version of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Game of Bones.


Dog version of Cersei from Game of Thrones. Game of Bones.


Though some regard her as cold and heartless, this author sees her as fiercely protective (maybe to a fault). The Great Pyrenees was bred to guard livestock, and often they must be kept separate from unfamiliar humans as they are so protective.


I know, I know, huskies seem a little close to Direwolves to be associated with the Queen of Dragons. But the small stature, brilliant intelligence and gorgeous coloring remind me most of our Targaryen Queen.

Dog version of Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Game of Bones.
Dog version of Tyrion from Game of Thrones. Game of Bones.


Though his stature may be shorter, his bark and his bite are not to be underestimated! Just like a Chihuahua. No other dog makes me nervous enough to cross the street in fear of being ripped to shreds (at the ankles).