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Bug Warden

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"Bug Warden" Stops Bugs! Indispensable if you ever want to open your sliding glass door for ventilation and still keep out the bugs.

Bug Warden Seals the Dreaded Bug Gap

The problem

A patio pet door for your sliding glass door is a simple, quick and easy solution to adding a pet door to your home. No muss, no fuss and, usually, no messy installation to worry about.

One problem is that when you open the slider for ventilation, the screen doesn't shut against the pet door. It only comes up even with the pet door and leaves a gap between the screen and the pet door.

It's obviously important to keep bugs out of the house. But until now, nobody has come up with a good way of solving this problem.

Introducing the "Bug Warden™"

Here are the answers to your questions:

  • What's the bug gap?

    Patio pet doors provide a great way to provide pet access next to your existing sliding doors. Once installed, the screen door should not be shut all the way or pet door access is blocked. Until the Bug Warden TM arrived, the only option was to close the screen door to the point where the patio pet door starts, leaving a bug gap between the edge of the partially opened screen door up to 3" wide by over 6 feet tall...over 200 square inches of mosquito, fly and other pest access.
  • How does the Bug Warden work?

    The Bug Warden blocks bugs from entering the bug gap by adhering to the side of the exterior face of the patio pet door and extending out a soft flexible material to provide a bug blocking seal with your screen door.
  • Is it easy to install?

    Yes. There is no drilling into the screen door or pet door and no hacksaw required. Simply remove the adhesive backing, press to install the Bug Warden and finish with the screen door bumper at the top of the sliding rail to ensure an optimal seal every time you close the screen door.
  • Will it fit my panel pet door/screen door combination?

    The Bug Warden is fully customizable. All you need is a pair of scissors to resize. The maximum supported gap width between the screen door and the pet door is 3" and the Bug Warden includes instructions to adjust the gap width size down to 2" or 1". For the uncommon case where the gap width between the pet door and screen door is less than 1”, please contact customer support prior to purchase. The Standard Height is 81" (shipped as two 40.5" strips to control shipping costs). Also available in the Tall Height option of up to 101" (shipped as three strips).
  • Will it work in my environment?

    Yes. The Bug Warden is made of Santoprene which is much more environmentally friendly and fade resistant than vinyl (PVC) and specifically designed to withstand extremes including summer heat, winter cold, and humidity. Furthermore the adhesive was selected by experts at 3M to provide the desired adhesion between typical patio pet doors and the flexible Santoprene material.
  • 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA by Patio Pacific Inc under license from OC Innovations.

  • Patent pending

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