Endura Flap® Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows

Endura Flap® Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows

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  • Removable panel with built-in cat door fits into horizontal sliding window track
  • Durable, aluminum frame and pet door made to withstand extreme weather
  • Made with dual-pane, Low-E glass to improve energy efficiency 
  • Tool-free installation
  • Made in the USA. Free Shipping within the US
  • Custom height options are non-returnable and please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery

The Endura Flap® Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows is made to fit into the existing track of your side-to-side sliding window. It installs tools-free with a spring-loaded design to safely secure into your sliding window track without any permanent alterations (perfect for renters!). The removable panel comes with a C-clamp lock, draft stopper and weather stripping. It features dual-pane, Low-E glass that is UV and infrared resistant for maximum insulation value. The flexible flap is lined with adjustable magnets to resist heavy wind and extreme temperatures.

The panels have a 3” spring-loaded height adjustment, so if you have a 48” track, for example, the panel you choose will adjust from 46” - 49” inches.  They are also custom height options if your track falls outside of those ranges.



    • Aluminum frame designed to fit into a window track width of at least 1” thick

    • Comes with a C-clamp lock, draft stopper and weather stripping for security and insulation

    • Dual-pane, Low-E glass allows natural light to enter while blocking out unwanted UV rays and infrared light

    • Flap withstands -40°F temperatures and stays sealed in 50mph winds

    • Magnetic sealing resists heavy winds/storms

    • Flap swings on a rod at the top, avoiding breakage

    • Includes a sturdy locking cover



    • Removable panel benefits all owners, especially renters!

    • Don’t need to make any permanent alterations to window

    • Available in white, bronze, or brushed aluminum to match your window frame

    • Pets can enter and exit as they please

    • Locking cover prevents pets from leaving the house when you want to keep them inside

    • Made with durable, long-lasting materials

    • Built in the USA

Flap Size Flap Dimension Step Over  Overall Panel Width Recommended
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Small  6" w x 11" h 3" 11 1⁄4" 9 – 14" 07PPC28
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