Looking for the best dog door or cat door?

Here are just a few reasons why you should buy an Endura Flap® pet door

  • High-quality, flexible and safe flap available in single flap and double flap versions
  • A magnetic seal keeps the weather out for energy efficiency
  • Highly insulating doggy door to keep your home comfortable
  • Four pet door flap sizes available to fit small dogs to large dogs, even cats
  • Variable magnet strength to help training or wind resistance
  • Environmentally-friendly polyolefin flap, sturdy aluminum frame
  • Made in the USA

The Endura Flap® design takes the insulating physics of dual-pane glass and applies them to pet doors! Whether the single flap version or double flap, we carry doors for human doors, walls, kennels, windows, and even sliding glass doors. All doors come with installation instructions, weatherstrips if needed, and a 15-year warranty to guarantee that our Endura Flap® dog doors keep outside weather outside your home.
Learn why our customers think the Endura Flap® dog door is the highest quality doggie door