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What size should I get?

Selecting the correct flap size will ensure the pet door is comfortable for your pet for the rest of their life! The flap should sit high enough for your tallest pet to comfortably walk through without crouching, and low enough for all your pets to comfortably step through. Keep in mind that as pets grow older, it can become more difficult to pick up their paws for a pet door that is installed higher off the ground! Find out how to measure your pet here!

How to measure your pet

Why should I buy an Endura Flap?

It's simple - because your pet deserves the best! Since our start in 1976, we have put in countless hours designing, testing, and developing the most insulated pet door flap on the market. With durable, highly insulated flaps that remain flexible in -40 Fahrenheit degree weather, can withstand 50 mph winds, and have an unsurpassed 15 year warranty, the Endura Flap is an obvious choice when it comes to high quality pet doors! The EnduraFlap™ was designed with quality, durability, and safety in mind - ensuring that your furry friends are given only the best of the best.

Learn more about the exceptional design and other capabilities of the Endura Flap here!

Endura Flap Doors

Where are these made and shipped from?

All Endura Flap products are manufactured in the USA and shipped from San Luis Obispo, California with the exception of the Pet Door Guys - "In-the-Glass" doors, which are shipped from Washington.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us at or call us at 805-781-7700 from 7AM - 4:30PM PST.